Good afternoon, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity for this face to face interview. It’s my honor to apply for this position.

My name is XXXX, and I’m XX years old. I’m from Jiangsu province. I graduated from Nanjing University of science and technology this year and got a master degree in optical engineering.

At school, I took part in a key research and development program of Jiangsu province, which name is key technologies of industrial high power fiber lasers. I was in optical module, participated in the design and testing of it, including conceptual design, devices selecting, thermal treatment and beam quality optimization. And I was the monitor of our class in the past two years. I carried out events and helped other classmates to know each and to learn more about our major.

After graduation, I was in Huawei Technology Company, worked as a software developer in network forwarding department, participated in requirements development, problem solving, unit test and documentation for Software Development Kit.

My personality can be described as honest, optimistic and always willing to share. I can get along well with my colleagues. I sincerely hope that I can get this job, and I will devote myself to this position.


Ericsson enables communications service providers to capture the full value of connectivity. Ericsson’s investments in innovation have delivered the benefits of telephony and mobile broadband to billions of people around the world. We can have freedom to think big and navigate our career, on a global scale. Ideas and innovations can turn into achievements that impact society and change the world, creating new connections, new possibilities, and new capabilities. Join Ericsson and I can help build technology that makes it simple to connect with information, societies, and each other.



Mostly, I stay at home and do some reading. I have a blog, and I spent a lot of time writing posts too. Some about my life, some are just fantasies, some about the movie or the book I just saw or read. When I found out a short story written in English or Japanese and my friends may like it, I ,together with some of my friends will translate it for others. There may be some mistakes in the translation, but we don’t care that much. Sometimes, I go shopping and have a nice, fancy dinner with my girls. And I go to theater to watching musicals or KunQu opera on my own, if there is a show in Nanjing or Shanghai.


My precious memory is about my parents. I was like 3 or 4 years old and maybe in kindergarten or not but definitely not in primary school. My parents wanted to teach me Chinese character and help me build confidence and memory skills. My mom bought several large papers in red, and my father used some writing brushes and wrote a short story on it. They stuck the paper on the wall, and reminded me to read the lines out loud every day. The title of the story is the wolf and the lamb. I don’t remember the specific details of the story now, but I remember the learning process is very funny. My mom was very patient and caring. I think this memory is the reason why I’m always interested in new things, always willing to learn more.


My favorite room in my house is the living room. I think it’s because it has a view of a little garden downstairs, and it faces south. My bedroom faces north so in the afternoon, it becomes dim and cool, but in living room, sunshine is warm and beautiful. I can simply do nothing but lean on the coach and watch the beautiful view outside. But mostly, I do yoga or reading there when the weather is good. In rainy days, living room is colder than bedroom so stay in there become a bad choice. There is a TV in the living room, so when my friends are in my house, we can use it to play digital games or watch films.


Nanjing is a city that has a long history, and witnessed some of the most significant events in Chinese history. It was formerly known as JinLing and JianKang. It’s the capital of Jiangsu province now, but in history, some dynasties choose Nanjing as their national capital. For tourists, Nanjing has a great balanced layout between traditional and modern architecture. The river bank by the Qinhuai river irradiates nice and peaceful night view, the Zijin mountain is beautiful and quiet. Nanjing is famous for salted duck, which is worth trying. Also, if you want to see some traditional Chinese opera, you can not miss the KunQu opera show in ChaoTianGong every weekend.


My hometown is a little county called Xuyi. It takes you less than 2 hours to drive to my hometown from Nanjing. You can go there in June, cuz my hometown is famous for our unique way of cooking crawfish, and crawfishes taste good in summer. We love crawfishes so much and created a festival to eat more crawfishes, and the date of it is in June. My hometown’s history goes back to Qin dynasty. It has a beautiful view of the Huai river and some nameless small hills. Many poetries came to my hometown and wrote poems there. It’s a really nice and cozy place to live in. But for young guys, it’s not that good, cuz it doesn’t have a railway station and will not have one in the next few years.

impressive thing


技术面- 手写代码及项目经验






个人做的努力: 总结遇到的问题现象,问题解决流程、最终发现的问题原因和解决方法,再次遇到问题时及时解决。寻找同事学习不同层级的代码架构和返回错误码的原因等,定位时不再需要多部门扯皮协作,可以更加精确。







其他- 性格和经历



I don’t want to complain about the job itself. The job is interesting, worthy, meaningful…and you can use so many fabulous words to describe it. But I need some private time, I don’t want to come back home late and have no time for a shower everyday. Also, I want to stay away from the war. People keep talking about ShangGanLin campaign in 1950 since May. You are not an employee there, you are a soldier and you are fight for the company and for the country. It will be nice if I serve the country but I didn’t, I just want to do my job.



















open-mind and a good listener. always able to cheer them up.




# 笔记


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